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Pregnancy & baby care

Covid-19 vaccines and pregnancy

Improve your understanding of the guidance being given to pregnant women regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

13 Apr 2021 , 2 Min Article

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Pregnancy & baby care

Ovulation and pregnancy testing

Pharmacy teams can support couples trying to get pregnant with advice about fertility and good pre-conception care.

12 Mar 2021 , 15 Min Article

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Women's health

Body Talk: the genitourinary systems

Part six of Body Talk considers the workings of the male and female genitourinary systems.

09 Dec 2020 , 11 Min Article

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Baby on board

Pharmacy teams can help parents care for their baby and be there to spot when things may be more serious.

15 Apr 2020 , 7 Min Article

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Women's health

How pharmacy can support young parents

Supporting young parents can be the beginning of an enduring relationship between pharmacy and customer.

19 Feb 2019 , 4 Min Article

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Pregnancy & baby care

Ovulation and pregnancy testing

This Professional Assistant: Learn and Advise module is about ovulation and pregnancy testing and further advice.

27 Nov 2018 , 15 Min Article