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What is Vaginal Atrophy

Update your knowledge on this common condition, who it affects and its impacts on quality of life

29 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

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Gina Supply Considerations

Recognise the contraindications and conditions that need GP referral when considering recommending Gina

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

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Gina Support Tools

Understand the path to purchase in the pharmacy and the tools available to support supply decisions

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

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What is Gina

Learn about how Gina works and who can use it

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

Body Talk cardiovascular.jpg
Heart health

Body Talk: the cardiovascular system

Part two of Body Talk considers the workings of the cardiovascular system.

30 Sep 2019 , 9 Min Article

Women's health

Facing the change

The menopause occurs for half the population and pharmacy teams can support women going through this change.

14 Aug 2019 , 5 Min Article

Women's health

Women's intimate health

This Professional Assistant: Learn and Advise module focuses on women's intimate health.

27 Sep 2017 , 15 Min Article

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Thrush and bacterial vaginosis

How to manage and treat thrush and bacterial vaginosis

02 Aug 2016 , 5 Min Article